The FCB is pleased to offer the Certified Case Manager (CCM) and the Certified Case Manager Supervisor (CCMS) credentials to meet the requirements of s. 394.4573(2)(e), Florida Statutes.  The primary elements of this legislation are:

  • Who:  Each case manager or person directly supervising a case manager who provides Medicaid-funded targeted case management services (mental health services for adults or children, only)
  • What:  shall hold a valid certification from a department-approved credentialing entity as defined in s. 397.311(9), F.S.
  • When: by July 1, 2017 and, thereafter, within 6 months of hire

The Florida Certification Board is a department-approved credentialing entity.

The CCM/CCMS grandparenting program is open from May 11, 2017 — March 1, 2018.  The purpose of a grandparenting period is to certify individuals who are currently providing the “soon to be regulated” services without requiring testing activities.  Please read all information on this page and scroll to the bottom for webinar/training materials and other resource documents, including Frequently Asked Questions.

Please review this document for the credential education, training and experience standards & an application processes/requirements: CCM-CCMS Certification Standards & Application Process Overview 5-4-17  PLEASE scroll down for application forms and supporting documents.

PLEASE NOTE: We are receiving a high volume of certification applications.  The processing time will take longer than usual due to the volume.  The FCB is working closely with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and the Department of Children and Families on the implementation of this new credential.  Please continue your usual interactions and billing with ACHA as we all work to get new processes in place.  For further information about the interface with Medicaid, please call the AHCA, Bureau of Medicaid Policy at 850-412-4206.   Also, see the bulletin from the Department of Children and Families, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Office – DCF Bulletin_Targeted Case Management Certification


The individuals eligible for certification under the grandparenting standards are:

  • Group A:  Persons currently recognized by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) as certified to provide and bill for MENTAL HEALTH targeted case management services to adults and/or children (both case managers and their supervisors).
  • Group B:  Persons who are “in process” for AHCA certification yet did not earn it before the transfer of the credential to the FCB.
  • Group C:  Persons who are newly hired, not certified and are required to earn certification within 6-months of hire.

To meet the needs of the different “applicant groups” there are two different application types:

Standard Application:  The standard application is for individuals who have met all formal degree, on-the-job experience and training requirements PRIOR to applying for certification.  All required documents are submitted at one time and, upon approval, the credential is issued.  Credentials issued during the grandparenting period will renew on March 31, 2019 regardless of award date.

Provisional Application: The provisional application is for individual who have met formal degree and training requirements, but do not yet have the on-the-job experience necessary for full certification.  These applicants submit education and training documentation together and, upon approval, are issued a provisional credential that is valid for 12-months.  During the provisional period, on-the-job experience requirements are complete and the credential is “upgraded” to a full credential before the provisional expiration date.  The provisional application is only available for case manager applicants who work for an employer accredited by one or more of the following entities:  Joint Commission, Council on Accreditation (COA), Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), or National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Regardless of the “applicant group” or “application type”, one of the following credentials will be issued:

  1. Certified Case Manager with up to 2 endorsements: Adult and/or Child (CCM-A, CCM-C, or CCM-AC)
  2. Certified Case Manager Supervisor with 2 endorsements: Adult and/or Child (CCMS-A, CCMS-C, CCMS-AC)
  3. Certified Case Manager Provisional (CCM-P)

Applicants must select at least one endorsement at the time of initial application. Applicants can add the second endorsement at the time of application or any time after initial certification, when the work experience necessary to hold the endorsement is earned.

Case Manager Credential Application Documents

Accredited Employer Application:  This form is for employers seeking CCM/CCMS Accredited Employer Status.  Upon approval, the FCB will provide an employer number and electronic Employer Attestation form.

Employer Bulk Payment Application:  This form is for employers seeking CCM/CCMS Bulk Employer Payment Status.  Upon approval, the FCB will provide an employer billing code and an electronic Employer Bulk Payment form.

CCM-CCMS Work Verification Form May 2017:  This form is for all applicants required to submit documentation of related work experience with either the “adult” or “child” populations.

The following documents will be posted the week of June 5th:  Provisional  & Upgrade Applications.

Case Manager Credential Application Resources

Frequently Asked Questions:  CCM – CCMS FAQs 5-15-17

Flowchart and Requirements Overview:  The application pathway and requirements vary depending on the applicant’s compliance with existing Agency for Health Care (AHCA) credentialing requirements, the applicants employer and the specific FCB credential applied for (CCM or CCMS) .  Review the document that most closely matches your current situation:  

All CCM-CCMS applicants who do not work for an FCB-recognized accredited employer

All CCM-CCMS applicants who met AHCA requirements prior to May 11, 2017 and work for an FCB-recognized accredited employer

All CCM-CCMS applicants who did not met AHCA requirements prior to May 11, 2017 and work for an FCB-recognized accredited employer

Case Manager Certification Webinar Powerpoint Slides:  FCB_Case_Management_Credential_Webinar_5-4-17

Case Manager Certification Webinar:   On May 4, 2017, the case manager credential “launch” webinar was held.  This webinar is 1-hour in total.

All information on this page refers to the grandparenting period ONLY.  New information will be posted in January 2018 (approximately 3-months before the grandparenting period closes).