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The Florida Certification Board is working in partnership with Mental Health America to develop and implement a national, accredited certification for whole health peer specialists that will set new standards in the field.  This credential has been peer initiated and conceived.

The development of a new credential is a complex process.  MHA established a national panel of subject matter experts, most of whom are accomplished leaders in the peer community, to guide the development of the credential.  The second phase is complete, which is the review and feedback cycle on the proposed publication:  MHA Nationally Certified Peer Specialist Draft Core Competencies for Public Comment.

Representatives from over 30 states commented on the proposed core competencies and the MHA/FCB team used this feedback to finalize the National Certified Peer Specialist Core Competencies.  We are now entering a critical phase of the credential development process:  the validation study.

This final step asks as many individuals involved in the peer support movement to rate each competency for IMPORTANCE and FREQUENCY.  This data will directly inform the NCPS examination blueprint.  Simply stated, competencies that are most important and most frequently performed will have more questions on the certification exam.

It should take approximately 30 — 45 minutes to complete this survey, which is hosted at this link:

Please provide your feedback no later than MAY 20, 2016.

The MHA/FCB team has prepared several resources to help you accomplish your review and feedback.  Before you complete the survey, we strongly encourage you to:

  • View the video, at the bottom of this page, in which Patrick Hendry of Mental Health America describes the history and goals of the NCPS credential.
  • Before starting the on-line version of the survey, we strongly recommend that you print and review a hard copy of the MHA-NCPS Validation Study Instrument April 2016

Please view this video to learn about the new credential.


Thank you for your willingness to assist in the development of the National Certified Peer Specialist credential.  If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact Patrick Hendry at or Amy Farrington at