The MCAP credential is designed to recognize Addiction Professionals who hold a Master’s degree in a related field.  There are multiple pathways to apply for and earn the MCAP credential.  Please carefully review each option as described below.  If you have questions as to which application to follow, please call our offices at 850-222-6314.

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MCAP for current CAPs

Individuals who currently hold a CAP in good standing and hold a Master’s degree in a related field are eligible to apply for the MCAP through the MCAP Upgrade Process.  It does not matter if you earned your CAP the traditional way or through the process for licensed professionals; both processes resulted in a CAP credential and are eligible for the MCAP Upgrade if all other criteria is met.

There are three versions of the upgrade process.  The process you will follow is dependent on how you earned your CAP or the date when you applied for your CAP credential.  Directions and forms for all upgrade processes are included in the same document (posted below).

  • If you applied for your CAP before July 1, 2014, follow the standard MCAP Upgrade Process.
  • If you applied for your CAP after July 1, 2014, follow the MCAP Upgrade Plus Process.
  • If you earned your CAP through the CAP for Licensed Professionals process, follow the Licensed MCAP Upgrade Process.

MCAP Upgrade Application and Forms

MCAP Upgrade Candidate Guide and Forms

Hard Copy Application for Certification (9-23-16)

MCAP Upgrade Training Form

MCAP Upgrade OTJ Supervision Form

Note:  The MCAP Upgrade application process is paper-based.  Please do not attempt to apply for the MCAP Upgrade  electronically.

MCAP for Licensed Professionals

Individuals who hold an eligible license under Florida Statutes Chapters 458, 459, 490, 491, or are a Psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) licensed under Part 1 of Chapter 464, F.S. and meeting the Board of Nursing requirements for a Psychiatric ARNP designation are eligible to apply for the MCAP through a shortened process that recognizes competency indicators already demonstrated as part of the licensure process.

MCAP for Licensed Professionals Application and Forms

MCAP for LP Candidate Guide and Forms (9-1-15)

Hard Copy Application for Certification (9-23-16)

MCAP for Licensed Professionals Training Form

MCAP for Licensed Professionals Recommendation Form

Note:  The MCAP for Licensed Professionals application process is paper-based.  Please do not submit the online MCAP application if you are a licensed professional because the online MCAP application requires the full credential certification standards. 

The $25 manual processing fee is waived for MCAP for Licensed Professionals applications.  

MCAP for New Applicants

Individual’s who hold a master’s degree in a related field are eligible to apply for the MCAP.  Please carefully review the MCAP Standards and Requirements Tables