The FCB follows national standards regarding training providers for initial certification purposes.  Please carefully read the FCB’s Training Provider Policy Statement.

NEW! Guidance Document for How to Verify or Create an Account in FCB’s New Online Customer Portal

Persons who have accounts in the FCB online system have their account information migrated into the new FCB online certification system. The new system operates differently – no approvals for registration are needed beginning June 1, 2016.  Please carefully read and follow the How to Verify or Create an Account in New FCB System document to verify and update an existing account or to create a new account.

FCB Online Course Offerings

The Florida Certification Board provides a number of online, self-paced courses through its Online Education Platform. Many of these courses are available at no cost and offer continuing education credit.

In 2015, four new courses have been added.  Access the course flyers below for full detail on each course.

  • Released in April – Cultural & Linguistic Competence: Core Concepts and Individual Development Cultural & Linguistic Competence Flyer 2015
  • Released in May – CRPS Certification Examination Review Course CRPS Cert. Exam Review Course
  • Released in June – Welcoming Services and Service Coordination for Women with Substance Use or Co-occurring Disorders
  • Released in June – Understanding and Working Effectively with Persons Who Inject Drugs  IDU Course Flyer 2015

Other courses include:

  • Three-part Cultural Competence Series — Cultural Awareness, Multicultural Counseling Competencies and Organizational Cultural Competence
  • A six-course series for Child Welfare professionals who work with families with substance use and mental health disorders
  • Make the Link: Prevent Prenatal Substance Exposure courses – specialized courses for nurses, licensed clinicians and substance abuse and child welfare professionals
  • Go to to view courses and register.  You can access the course flyers here.


Compendium of Training and Self-Study Resources for Recovery Peer Specialists and Recovery Support Specialists (August 2015, 2nd Edition)

The Compendium of Training and Self-Study Resources was researched and compiled to assist individuals identify resources that can be used to meet training needs for certification as a CRPS or CRSS in Florida. The self-study resources may be useful for review and preparation for the certification examination. Certified Recovery Peer Specialists and Certified Recovery Support Specialists will also find that the Compendium contains resources and information for continued professional development.

2015, 2nd Edition_Compendium of Training and Study Resources