Three years ago, the FCB moved to a new, cloud-based certification system. This system opened the door to many new processes such as online applications and customer accounts.  This system has also brought many glitches and does not have important features that we had initially envisioned.  The customer interface also has been challenging.

The FCB has made an important decision to change certification systems. We are now in the process of moving to a new online certification system – one that is more streamlined for our certified populations and improved features, such as:

  • being able to save the content in an online application and return to complete it when the time is convenient
  • having a shopping cart feature for paying for more than one invoice at a time
  • getting routine reminders by email for upcoming application milestones or renewal periods.

Migrating to a new system is a big change. The new certification system will “roll out” in phases. The first phase will be for handling the June renewal period (see separate article below), the second phase will be for handling the October renewal period, and the final phase will be reopening online applications in the late fall. At the end of May 2016, the current FCB Customer Portal will close. No online applications will be possible nor payments in that system.  However, the new customer portal will open on June 1st.  More notifications will be sent about this change, with instructions about how to review your account information that was brought forward into the new system or how to create a new account (for persons new to FCB).

One change that will occur with the new system is that certification cards will be issued electronically. The card will be maintained in your online FCB account as a PDF document so you can retrieve it at any time. No hard copy certification cards will be produced after June 1, 2016; however, wall certificates will continue to be issued in hard copy for new credential holders.

It is critical that we have the most current email address for you. Notifications about the move to the new certification system will be sent via email. In addition, your account login and retrieval of the renewal card will depend upon it.  Please update your email in your FCB online account or call the FCB office so we can do that for you.  850-222-6314