The FCB uses an electronic database for certification application, award and maintenance activities.  All applicants and certified professionals must have an individual online account in order to conduct business with the FCB.  From your online account, you can:

  • Update your current contact information
  • Update your current employer information
  • Apply for Certification
  • Track your application while it is “in process”
  • Pay certification fees (there are no additional processing fees when invoices are paid online)
  • Print ‘just in time’ verification of your credential(s)

Click here to create your FCB online account.

Certification is a three-part process: Application, Examination and Maintenance.

There are multiple documents that all applicants and certified professionals MUST be familiar with as everyone is subject to the most current published policies and procedures.  Before applying, be sure to carefully review:

  1. Candidate Guides.  There are three candidate guides.  One for each phase of the certification process.  The information in these documents applies to all certification applicants and certified professionals unless otherwise specified in the credential-specific standards tables.  Click here to access the Candidate Guides.
  2. Credential Standards and Requirements Tables.  Each credential has a stand-alone standards and requirements tables document.  This document provides information that is specific to the credential.  All credential-specific mandatory forms are posted after the tables, under each credential type.  Click here to access the Available Certifications section.
  3. Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures.  Everyone is subject to the FCB code of ethics and disciplinary procedures as soon as their online account is created as the third section of the online account profile requires applicants to agree to follow the code.  Anyone not willing to agree to be under the code is not eligible for certification.  Click here to access the Ethics section.


This first phase requires applicants to gather verifiable documentation to prove they have met the formal education, training, on-the-job experience, direct supervision, and other standards established for the credential.  Some information is entered into the online application by the applicant; some information is provided by the applicant to his or her assigned certification specialist; and some information is provided to the FCB on mandatory forms that the applicant provides to the specified individual.  Please carefully review your credential-specific standards table for directions on “who” does “what”, “how” and “when”.

Online Electronic Certification Applications

All applicants are required to apply using the FCB Application Portal.  FCB will accept manual applications from people who meet ADA standards for accomodations related to using a computer.  All other applicants MUST apply using the electronic application (unless specified by a particular credential).

You will access FCB applications through your online FCB account. Please note:

  • If you do not have an online account, you will be required to set one up before you can apply.  If you think you have an account but can not remember your login and password CALL THE FCB.  DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!
  • If you were certified by the FCB before 2005, an online account was created for you when the system was built.  If you don’t remember your login and password, CALL THE FCB for assistance.  If you do remember your login and password AND it is your first time accessgin the online system, you will be asked to review and update any “missing” information in your profile before you will be able to access the online application.
  • The system will only allow you to have one application open at a time.  If you need to apply for multiple credentials at the same time, contact the FCB for assistance.


In the second phase, applicants take mandatory tests after the FCB has approved the application.  Your certification specialist will provide you with an Exam Registration Form.  Upon receipt of the completed form and the test fee payment, you will be transferred to the FCB’s testing division.  FCB’s testing manager will enter you into the FCB’s testing system, which will generate an automatic email that will allow you to access the test registration links.  At this time you will select your test location, test date and test time.

All examinations are administered using a Computer Based Testing (CBT) process. CBT is an on-demand process you take an exam at an approved testing site of your choice, on the date and at the time that is most convenient for you.  In addition to your FCB exam fee, you are subject to an additional test-site proctoring fee of no more than $30 for a 2-hour exam.  The FCB does not collect this money.  This money is paid directly to the testing site.  allowing a candidate to take an exam at an approved testing site.  Once you are approved to register for the required exam(s)

You will receive an unofficial score immediately.  Within no more than 6 weeks, you will receive an official score report and, if you passed the exam, your credential will be issued.  Candidates who do not pass the exam may retest after meeting the waiting period requirements (varies by test from as little as 10 days to as much as 90 days).

The FCB will provide special accommodations to eligible examination candidates pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Please click here to review the policy and request special accommodations.


The certification maintenance phase includes several requirements:

  1. Annual or biennial continuing education.
  2. Annual or biennial renewal fee payment.
  3. Adherence to the FCB Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct.

Please carefully review the Candidate Guides and the credential specific standards and requirements tables for additional details on maintaining certification.