The MCAP designation is a professional substance abuse credential for people who assess, develop, and provide substance abuse treatment services and plans.  MCAP applicants must hold a minimum of a Master’s degree or higher in a related field.  If you believe your degree should be accepted as a related field but it is not specifically identified in the FCB list of related degrees, please review the MCAP-CAP-CPP Related Degree Equivalency Review Policy.

Individual’s holding the MCAP are recognized/hold the practice rights of “qualified professionals” per Chapter 397, F.S. and may make a substance use disorder diagnosis in programs billed under Florida’s Medicaid State Plan.

People holding the MCAP are recognized as meeting the requirements for a Master’s Level CAP under Florida’s State Medicaid Plan.

All MCAP applicants are eligible to apply for the IC&RC Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) credential.

Certification Application Routes:

There are multiple pathways to earn the MCAP credential:

  1. If you already hold the CAP credential, you may be eligible to apply for an MCAP upgrade.  Scroll to the MCAP Upgrade Application Route section of this page for information and forms.
  2. If you hold a license recognized under Chapter 397, Florida Statutes, you can apply for the MCAP through the MCAP for Licensed Professionals.  Scroll to the MCAP for Licensed Professionals Application Route section of this page for information and forms.
  3. All other applicants should apply for certification under the Standard MCAP Application Route, described below.

Standard MCAP Application Route

Step 1:  If you do not already have one, you MUST create an online account in the FCB certification system.  Click here to create your free, online account.

Step 2:  Apply for certification from your FCB online account. 

General FCB policies and procedures that apply to all applicants are available here.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for the MCAP-specific standards and all mandatory forms.


MCAP Upgrade Application Route

Individuals who currently hold a CAP in good standing and hold a Master’s degree in a related field are eligible to apply for the MCAP through the MCAP Upgrade Process.  It does not matter if you earned your CAP the traditional way or through the process for licensed professionals; both processes resulted in a CAP credential and are eligible for the MCAP Upgrade if all other criteria is met.

There are three versions of the upgrade process.  The process you will follow is dependent on how you earned your CAP or the date when you applied for your CAP credential.  Directions and forms for all upgrade processes are included in the same document (posted below).  Note:  The MCAP Upgrade application process is paper-based.  Please do not attempt to apply for the MCAP Upgrade electronically.

  • If you applied for your CAP before July 1, 2014, follow the standard MCAP Upgrade Process.
  • If you applied for your CAP after July 1, 2014, follow the MCAP Upgrade Plus Process.
  • If you earned your CAP through the CAP for Licensed Professionals process, follow the Licensed MCAP Upgrade Process.

MCAP Upgrade Application and Forms

MCAP Upgrade Candidate Guide and Forms

Hard Copy Application for Certification (9-23-16)

MCAP Upgrade Training Form

MCAP Upgrade OTJ Supervision Form

MCAP for Licensed Professionals Application Route

Individuals who hold an eligible license under Florida Statutes Chapters 458, 459, 490, 491, or are a Psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) licensed under Part 1 of Chapter 464, F.S. are eligible to apply for the MCAP through a shortened process that recognizes competency indicators already demonstrated as part of the licensure process.

MCAP for Licensed Professionals Application and Forms

MCAP for Licensed Professionals – Standards and Requirements Tables

MCAP for Licensed Professionals – Training Topics & Verification Forms – (2017)

Recommendation for Certification Form – (2017)