The CRPS credential is for people who use their lived experience and skills learned in training to help others achieve and maintain recovery and wellness from mental health and/or substance use conditions.

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The CRPS credential designates competency in the domains of Recovery Support, Advocacy, Mentoring and Professional Responsibilities. CRPS credentials also include endorsements to demonstrate the certified professional’s lived experience. Available endorsements are described below.

The CRPS credential is recognized for billable services by Florida’s State Medicaid Plan.

CRPS applicants must hold a high school diploma, general equivalency degree or higher.

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Lived experience is a foundation of peer-to-peer support services. As such, CRPS applicants must attest to at least one of the lived-experience endorsements at the time of application. Available endorsements are:

  • Adult (A): Lived experience as an adult in recovery for a minimum of 2-years from a mental health and/or substance use condition.
  • Family (F): Lived experience as a family member or caregiver to another person who is living with a mental health and/or substance use condition.
  • Veteran (V): Lived experience as a veteran of any branch of the armed forces who is in recovery for a minimum of 2-years from a mental health and/or substance use condition.
  • Youth (Y): Are between the ages of 18 and 29 at the time of application and have lived experience as a person who, between the ages of 14 and 25 experienced a significant life challenge and is now living a wellness and/or recovery oriented lifestyle for at least two years.

Applicants can hold as many endorsements as they can attest to; however, only one endorsement can be selected at the time of application. Applicants seeking multiple endorsements will select a primary endorsement at the time of application and then coordinate their request for additional endorsements with their assigned certification specialist.

Certification Application Routes

There are two application pathways for the CRPS credential. Please choose your route below.

If you meet the education, training and testing requirements but do not have the required work or volunteer experience, you must apply through the two-phase provisional application route.

If you meet all the education, training, work experience and testing requirements, apply through the standard application route.