All child welfare certification applicants must be employed by an FCB recognized employer at the time of application. Each employer has identified a single point of contact who serves as the liaison between applicants and the assigned FCB Certification Specialist.

The single point of contact will work directly with each applicant’s employer to ensure that electronic and hard copy documents and fee payments are submitted to the FCB in a complete and timely manner.

Provisional Application Process

Applicants must complete the following:

  1. Create an online account with FCB.
  2. Create an online provisional application for certification with FCB (from your account).
  3. Pay the certification application fee (unless paid by the employer).

Single Points of Contact must ensure applicant tasks are complete and submit the following for each individual seeking certification:

Test Preparation

When a passing score is earned on the exam, the FCB will issue the provisional credential. A provisional credential’s effective date is the day the exam was passed. The expiration date is 12-months after the exam was passed. 

During the provisional period, certified individuals must complete the additional On-the-Job requirements and submit an application to upgrade to the full credential before the provisional credential expires.

Provisional Extension 

A provisional credential cannot be renewed. However, the expiration date of a provisional credential may be eligible for a one-time extension for cause (additional extensions will only be approved pending extraordinary circumstances). Each request is evaluated on its own merits. Please carefully review this document for policy and use the attached application

Already Provisionally Certified?

Click the link below for further information regarding how to upgrade your provisional credential to a full credential.