Denial Recovery Specialists fill a unique role among patient financial services professionals. A CDRS works with the most difficult patient accounts; they analyze the account history to determine why the patient’s insurance claim was denied, conduct activities necessary to reverse the denial, and resubmit the corrected claim for payment.

The CDRS credential is for people who have demonstrated and maintain professional competency in the field of medical and hospital billing, with a specialization in resolving health insurance claims that have been denied by the patient’s insurance provider.  The role of a CDRS includes, but is not limited to:

  • Researching the denial, including accessing and analyzing relevant hard copy and electronic patient and hospital medical and billing records;
  • Taking action to resolve the denial, including correcting errors and dropping new claims, writing letters of appeal, requesting adjustments, and transferring liabilities;
  • Following up to ensure claim is resolved and paid by the carrier; and
  • Providing superior customer service to internal and external clients.

The FCB recognizes that CDRS’ work in a wide range of settings, including hospital patient financial services offices, insurance providers, and health care administration management and consultant firms.  As such, the CDRS program identifies and defines the core job functions, responsibilities, and knowledge/skills necessary to provide denial recovery services regardless of employer or educational background.

CDRS Application Documents


Mandatory Forms

How to Apply

  1. If you don’t’ already have one, create an online account. 
  2. Create an electronic application for certification (from your online account).
    • Complete all required fields of information.
    • Upload required documents.
    • Pay the certification fee.
  3. When your application, including all supporting documents, has been approved, your certification specialist will initiate the exam process.
  4. The CDRS credential is awarded after earning a passing score on the CDRS exam.