Congratulations on earning your certification! Now that you are a certified professional, it is critical that you keep your credential in good standing. It is your responsibility to make sure that you complete annual continuing education credits and renew your credential before it expires. 

Please carefully review the Candidate Guide: Maintenance and Renewal for specific policies.  

Tutorials – ‘How to Set up an Account’ and ‘How to Renew’

Before an application is made or a credential is renewed, you must create or reactivate an account. The FCB has a new renewal process which requires credential holders to complete a brief Renewal Application. The process also requires each credential held to be renewed separately.  This means each credential has its own Renewal Application and payment.

In order to access the Renewal Application, you must reactivate the online account that was in our prior system. Please review the following video tutorials for complete information about how to reactivate your account and complete the renewal process.

How to Activate Your FCB Account in New Certification Database – CAVU

How to Create A FCB Account in New Certification Database – CAVU

How to Renew as Self-Pay

How to Renew as Employer-Pay

How to Renew as Contract-Pay

How to Link Employees for Employer Pay

How to Link to Your Employer

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2022 Certification Renewal Process Guidelines

FCB Workforce/Caseload Relief Reinstatement Program

This program is a time-limited credential reinstatement opportunity for individuals who were previously certified by the FCB, are currently employed in the field of child welfare, and have been temporarily deployed to perform job tasks typically performed by certified investigators, case managers, counselors and their supervisors in an effort to provide workforce/caseload relief.

  • Reinstated credentials will be issued with a first time expiration date of October 31, 2023. The FCB Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct and the continuing education (CE) requirements attach at the time of application for reinstatement.
  • Reinstatement applications will be processed in the same manner as the applicant’s employer follows when certifying staff at the provisional and provisional upgrade levels, which requires all supporting documentation to be collected by the employer’s point of contact and submitted to the FCB on the applicant’s behalf.
  • The fee for reinstatement is $350. This reflects a $150 reinstatement fee and the standard $200 renewal fee, which provides certified status for the upcoming two year period.
  • This program will operate December 6, 2021 through June 1, 2022.

Click on the correct application form below. Then complete the form as directed.

  1. Individual applicants should complete the CW Workforce Caseload Relief Reinstatement Program Application- Application and Employer Attestation Form (Individual Applicant).
  2. Applicants who will be included in a group of eligible applications will not complete a form.  Their application will be processed using the CW Workforce Caseload Relief Reinstatement Program Application- Application and Employer Attestation Form (Batched Applicant)

Please contact if you have any questions.

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Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

Certified professionals must maintain their knowledge and skill base by participating in ongoing education and training activities. Each FCB credential has a minimum number of hours of continuing education (CE) that must be completed each year. Carefully review your credential’s Standards and Requirements Tables for details about your continuing education requirement. 

Click the button below for more information about continuing education.

Credential Expiration Dates and Renewal Cycles

The FCB has three renewal cycles. It is important that you are aware of the dates when the renewal cycle will open and close for your credential(s). Failure to renew your credential(s) during the renewal cycle could result in late fees, possible re-testing and other penalties.

Credential ExpirationRenewal PeriodLate PeriodInactive Period
June 30th – Annual
May 1 – June 30July 1 – 31August 1 and later
October 31st – Biennial
CWPI-Spec, CWCM- Spec,
August 1 – October 31November 1 – 30December 1 and later
March 31st – Biennial
January 1 – March 31 April 1 – 30May 1st and later

CRITICAL INFORMATION: Credential renewal is an individual responsibility, even if someone else is paying fees on your behalf. The recommended method is to pay your certification fees online, from your FCB account. Renewal payments received during the late period will incur a $50 late fee per credential. If the credential is not renewed by the last date of the late period, the credential will automatically be placed on inactive status and you will be required to meet all reinstatement requirements, which may include retesting.

Paying your renewal online

When your renewal period is open per the chart above, renewal payment can be made online through your FCB account.

Is your credential due to renew? 

Click on the appropriate box to see if your credential is listed.  If you believe you are on this list in error, please contact our offices for assistance.