The CBHCM credential is for people who provide direct behavioral health case management services to adults or children with serious mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and/or those whose involvement in the child welfare system requires behavioral health case management services.

The CBHCM designates competency in the domains of Engagement and Assessment; Service Planning and Delivery; Coordination, Linkage and Monitoring; Documentation; and Professional Responsibility.

The CBHCM credential is recognized for billable services by Florida’s State Medicaid Plan and meets the certification requirement in s. 394.4573, Florida Statutes.

CBHCM applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Certification Application Routes

There are two application pathways for the CBHCM credential. Please choose your route below.

If you meet the education, training and testing requirements but do not have the required work experience, you must apply through the two-phase provisional application route.

If you meet all the education, training, work experience and testing requirements, apply through the standard application route.