Legacy credentials are certifications that are recognized by the FCB but are no longer available for new applicants. Individuals holding legacy credentials have met all of the education, training, experience and testing standards established for the credential and have maintained the credential in good standing.

The following legacy credentials are administered and recognized by the FCB:

Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Counselor (CCJAC)
Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Professional (CCJAP)
Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Specialist (CCJAS)
Certified E-therapist (CET)
Child Protection Professional (CPP)
Child Welfare Case Manager Specialist (CWCM – Spec)
Child Welfare Case Manager Supervisor (CWCM – Sup)
Child Welfare Licensing Counselor Specialist (CWLC – Spec)
Child Welfare Licensing Counselor Supervisor (CWLC – Sup)
Child Welfare Protective Investigator Specialist (CWPI – Spec)
Child Welfare Protective Investigator Supervisor (CWPI – Sup)
Child Welfare Trainer (CWT) issued before 2019

Please contact the FCB for a scope of service for the legacy credentials.