The documents on this page provide official policy and guidance on certification application, examination, renewal, continuing education and related topics. Documents on this page apply to all credentials. Credential specific requirements and mandatory forms are located on the page for your specific credential .

If you have questions that are not answered by published policy, please contact the FCB for further assistance.

Certification Guidelines & Requirements

All applicants and certified professionals are subject to the policies and procedures detailed in these Candidate Guides, unless otherwise specified in the credential-specific Standards and Requirements Tables.


Fee Schedule

The FCB accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. 

The most efficient and secure way to pay certification related fees is through your individual online account.  

There is no additional fee for online payment, however, the FCB charges a $5 processing fee for each credit card payment made over the phone.

FCB fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Related Policies

Accommodation Requests

The FCB provides ADA accommodations for eligible test candidates. This form must be completed by the candidate’s medical professional and submitted to the FCB for consideration before scheduling a test date.

FCB Special Accommodations Policy and Application 

Appeal Policy  

When an applicant is denied certification or is subject to an action by the FCB, they may inquire about or appeal the results of the application review process and/or the examination. This document includes the application for appeal. Please carefully review this document for related policy.

FCB Inquiry or Appeal Policy

Authorization to Release Information  

The FCB views a certification application and supporting documentation as confidential information. Applicants who want to authorize the FCB to talk to others about information related to their application may complete and submit an Authorization to Release Information. The authorization is limited to the individuals, content and time-frame specified by the applicant and may be revoked by the applicant at any time. Please carefully review this document for related policy and complete the attached form.

Authorization to Release Information Policy and Form

CE Provider Policy

Certified professionals must complete a specific number of hours of continuing education credits. The FCB accepts continuing education from a wide range of providers, as detailed in this policy. Please carefully review this document for related policy.

Approved CE Provider Policy 

Criminal History Policy

All applicants, regardless of credential, are required to pass a Level 2 Background Screening with the state as a condition of certification.  If you are working for an employer that requires a successful Level 2 Background Screening as a condition of employment, we will simply verify your eligibility in the statewide database.  If you do not have a current eligibility finding in the database, we will initiate the background screening as part of your application process. 

All questions relating to FCB’s policy must be submitted in writing to:

All background specific questions, i.e., statutes, eligibility, must be directed to DCF’s Clearinghouse. FCB does not review or make eligibility determinations regarding background history.

Criminal History Policy

Degree Equivalency Review

Some credentials require applicants to hold a degree in a related field.  Applicants who do not hold a specified degree but believe their coursework meets equivalent degree standards may request a Degree Equivalency Review to determine eligibility before starting the official certification application process. Please carefully review this document for related policy and complete the attached form.

Related Degree Equivalency Review Policy and Application

Please note: There is a fee assessed for this review. You MUST create an online FCB account in order for us to accept and process your request and the associated fee payment.

Exam Confidentiality Policy

The Exam Confidentiality Policy is specifically designed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of FCB exam instruments before, during and after the examination process. An Exam Confidentiality Agreement must be completed prior sitting for an exam.

On-the-Job Supervision Documentation Templates

Eligible on-the-job supervision documentation must include specific information. These sample forms identify the key elements required for documentation. Use this form as a guide when documenting on-the-job supervision. There is one version for a single supervisory encounter and one version to document on-going supervision.


Credentials that have been inactive for less than three-years may be eligible for reinstatement. Please carefully review this document for related policy and complete the attached application.

FCB Certification Reinstatement Policy and Application


Certified individuals transitioning into retirement may place their credential in retirement status. Retirement status does not allow for active use of the credential, but does maintain recognition of competency. Please carefully review this document for related policy.

Retirement Status Policy


The FCB is dedicated to the principle that certified professionals must exhibit behavior that meets the highest standards of ethical and professional practice. To reinforce this principle, all applicants and certified professionals are subject to the standards and disciplinary processes detailed in the FCB’s Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures.

The FCB receives, reviews and takes action on allegations of ethical or professional misconduct according to the policies and procedures detailed in the Code of Ethics. To maintain the public’s confidence in certified professionals, it is critical that we quickly identify and respond to unethical or unprofessional conduct by certified individuals or those seeking certification.

Ignorance of the standards or the response expectations of subjects of ethical complaints is not a valid reason to appeal the outcome of the investigation.

FCB ethics investigators hold national certification issued by the Council on Licensure, Enforcement, and Regulation (CLEAR) and the disciplinary procedures are aligned with Chapter 120, Florida Statutes. 

General policy regarding ethical complaints and investigations.  Please see the Code for details.

1. All complaints must be in writing, using the FCB Ethical Complaint Form.  Reporters can expect to be notified of the FCB’s decision to accept or reject the complaint within two-weeks of submission.

2. Complaints should be submitted as soon as possible, but there is not a time limit.  We encourage early reporting to protect consumers of services.  A certified individual who is terminated for ethical reasons but is not reported to FCB will probably be hired by another employer with a clear certification history.  We encourage all employers to notify the FCB of termination of certified personnel to determine if an ethical complaint is warranted.  Another good rule of thumb:  if a complaint is sent to Law Enforcement, an Inspector General, Internal Affairs Office or other similar authority, also file a complaint with the FCB.

3. With the exception of any information discussed in verbal or written interviews between FCB and the reporter, all information, notes, reports, transcripts, or documentation of any kind generated or received during the course of an ethics investigation or disciplinary proceedings, to include committee hearings and appeal hearings, shall be kept confidential by the FCB.

4. Provide as much detail as possible and supporting documentation.  Be sure to redact any confidential client identifying information.  Secure a release if confidential information is necessary to support the allegation. 

5. When in doubt, call the FCB and ask to speak with someone regarding an ethical or professional misconduct concern.  We will help you determine next steps. 

File an Ethics Complaint

Have an ethical complaint against a professional who is certified or attempting to become certified? Download the Ethics Case: Complaint Form.

Respond to an Ethics Complaint

Need to respond to an ethical complaint?  Download the Ethics Case: Respondent Form.

If your response to an ethical complaint requires the FCB to access confidential information, please download and complete the FCB Authorization to Release Information Form.