Introduction to the CRRA Credential

The Certified Recovery Residence Administrator (CRRA) is a credential offered by the Florida Certification Board (FCB) to those who manage recovery residences and provide addiction support to others.

What is it?

The CRRA is an entry-level substance abuse credential for individuals who assist those in a recovery residence setting.

What do CRRA’s do with their credential?

CRRA’s are responsible for:

  • The management of a recovery residence including supervision of residents and paid or volunteer staff.
  • The CRRA is accountable for implementing and maintaining compliance within the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) Quality Standards and Code of Ethics for Level 1-4 Recovery Residences.

Note: Becoming a CRRA is the first step in becoming a FARR certified residence in the state of Florida.

How to Apply

Please read before beginning application process:

  • Before beginning the application process for the CRRA credential, please download and carefully review the current version of the CRRA Credential Standards and Requirements Table 2018.
  • It is a statutory requirement, when applying for the CRRA credential, that each applicant complete and pass a Level 2 Background Screening.

Steps For Application:

Step 1: Apply online for the CRRA certification and pay the $100.00 application fee. After completing the application and submitting the application fee, you will be assigned and contacted by your assigned Certification Specialist.

     Please note: All applicants must complete step 1 prior to step 2.  Regardless of whether you have previously received a Level 2 Background Screening, ALL applicants must complete and return the required forms.

Step 2: After being assigned to a Certification Specialist, you will receive two forms:

    • Clearinghouse Applicant Request Form
    • FCB Privacy Policy Form

      Please note: Both forms must be completed and returned to your Certification Specialist before proceeding to step three.

 Step 3: When your Clearinghouse Applicant Request Form and FCB Privacy Policy Form are received by your assigned Certification Specialists, FCB will initiate your Level 2 Background Screening with the DCF Clearinghouse.

      Please note: DO NOT go to a Livescan vendor for fingerprinting until FCB has emailed you a Livescan request form. 

 Step 4: Once the FCB receives the results of your level 2 background check from the DCF Clearinghouse, you will be notified by your Certification Specialist. If you are determined to be eligible, all of the following forms are required:

Test preparation


You are eligible to test for the CRRA credential once all required documentation has been received and approved by your Certification Specialist.



Currently, the FCB does not provide a study guide for the CRRA exam. The exam is based on training and experience.

As an alternative, please review Sample Training Topics as a reference for study material