Introduction to the CRRA Credential

The Certified Recovery Residence Administrator (CRRA) is a credential offered by the Florida Certification Board (FCB) to those who manage recovery residences and provide addiction support to others.

What is it?

The CRRA is an entry-level substance abuse credential for individuals who assist those in a recovery residence setting.

What do CRRA’s do with their credential?

CRRA’s are responsible for:

  • The management of a recovery residence including supervision of residents and paid or volunteer staff.
  • The CRRA is accountable for implementing and maintaining compliance within the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) Quality Standards and Code of Ethics for Level 1-4 Recovery Residences.

Note: Becoming a CRRA is the first step in becoming a FARR certified residence in the state of Florida.

How to Apply

Please read before beginning application process:

  • Before beginning the application process for the CRRA credential, please download and carefully review the current version of the CRRA Credential Standards and Requirements Table 2018.
  • It is a statutory requirement, when applying for the CRRA credential, that each applicant complete and pass a Level 2 Background Screening.

Steps For Application:

Step 1: Apply online for the CRRA certification and pay the $100.00 application fee. After completing the application and submitting the application fee, you will be assigned and contacted by your assigned Certification Specialist.

     Please note: All applicants must complete step 1 prior to step 2.  Regardless of whether you have previously received a Level 2 Background Screening, ALL applicants must complete and return the required forms.

Step 2: After being assigned to a Certification Specialist, you will receive two forms:

    • Clearinghouse Applicant Request Form
    • FCB Privacy Policy Form

      Please note: Both forms must be completed and returned to your Certification Specialist before proceeding to step three.

 Step 3: When your Clearinghouse Applicant Request Form and FCB Privacy Policy Form are received by your assigned Certification Specialists, FCB will initiate your Level 2 Background Screening with the DCF Clearinghouse.

      Please note: DO NOT go to a Livescan vendor for fingerprinting until FCB has emailed you a Livescan request form. 

 Step 4: Once the FCB receives the results of your level 2 background check from the DCF Clearinghouse, you will be notified by your Certification Specialist. If you are determined to be eligible, all of the following forms are required:

Please note: Supervision documentation templates for the On-the-Job Supervision certification requirement are posted online under Policy and Procedure. The templates are not required however list minimum requirements for certification purposes.

Test preparation


You are eligible to test for the CRRA credential once all required documentation has been received and approved by your Certification Specialist.



Currently, the FCB does not provide a study guide for the CRRA exam. The exam is based on training and experience.

As an alternative, please review Sample Training Topics as a reference for study material