What’s my user name and password?

An individual’s username and password can be found in their Cyzap profile.

How do I change my name in my profile?

Name changes must be made by FCB staff. We will need a copy of either the individual’s marriage license, court ordered name change document, or new driver’s license to make the change.

How do I update my address?

An individual can log into their online account and update their address, phone number, username and password.

How do I apply?

The FCB only accepts electronic applications unless indicated in the credential-specific certification standards table. Applications are generated from your individual account/profile.

How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made one of three ways:

  1. Online through the individual’s aaccount.
  2. By mailing a check or money order.
  3. Paying over the phone by credit card. There is an additional $5.00 convenience fee for this type of payment.

What’s the background policy?

The FCB requires an applicant be clear from any criminal charges or probation for a minimum of three years prior to applying for certification.

How do I complete the forms?

All forms are available on the website and are PDF-fillable. If an individual is unable to complete the form online, we will accept handwritten forms.

Where can I get training?

Click the button below to access a list of approved education providers.

Who completes the forms?

The only form applicants complete is the training verification form. All other documents are completed and submitted by a third party. Please check your credential-specific standards and requirements tables for further information.

How do I schedule an exam?

Applicants can only test once they have submitted all supporting documentation and have been approved by their Certification Specialist. Applicants will receive an email with necessary information for how to schedule the exam. Please see our Exams page for further information.

When do I renew?

Renewal is dependent upon the type of credential and the renewal cycle. The renewal, or expiration date, can be found one of four ways:

  1. Credential-specific standards table
  2. Online Account/Profile
  3. Wallet card
  4. Verify Certified Professional from the FCB website

Renewal notices will be mailed out approximately two months prior the renewal date.

Please see our Maintenance and Renewal page for further information.

How many CEUs do I need for renewal?

Number of CEUs required for renewal various depending on the credential. Refer to credential specific Standards and Requirements Tables for additional information.

How much is renewal?

The renewal fees are based on the type of credential(s) the individual maintains. All fees can be found on our Policy and Procedure page.

What’s a PAC fee?

The PAC fee is voluntary fee that can be paid at time of renewal. It is a Political Action Committee fee.

Where’s my wallet card? I renewed.

FCB no longer mails out wallet cards after renewal. Wallet cards can be printed by the individual from their profile, or they can request a replacement wallet card for $15 by purchasing one on our Study Guide and other Products page.

How do I reinstate?

Credentials can only reinstate a credential if the credential has been inactive for less than 3 years. To reinstate, the individual generally needs to complete the Reinstatement Application, pay $150.00 reinstatement fee, pay the credential(s) renewal fee, and provide the required number of CEUs. Reinstatements can be referred to Tonya or Auna.

I ordered a study guide and haven’t received it yet?

Please contact the FCB regarding issues with product delivery.

How do I file an ethics complaint?

All ethics complaints must be submitted on the Ethics Complaint Form.

How do I verify a professional?

View the Verify a Professionals Tab at the top of this page, or any page on the website.

How do I get a list of certified professionals?

FCB does not provide a list of certified professionals.

How do I become an approved provider?

Information on how to become an approved education provider can be found on the Become an FCB Approved Provider page.

CBHCM Florida Statute

An individual holding a CBHCM is qualified to provide case management services, which are defined in section 394.4573(1)(b), Florida Statutes as “those direct services provided to a client in order to assess his or her needs, plan or arrange services, coordinate service providers, link the service system to a client, monitor service delivery, and evaluate patient outcomes to ensure the client is receiving the appropriate services.”

Seeking Reciprocity?

To transfer an ADC or CPS credential OUT OF FLORIDA, please contact the FCB directly for the policy and official application as the IC&RC does not allow member boards to post the documents online.

To transfer an ADC or CPS credential INTO FLORIDA, please contact your issuing board as they initiate the reciprocity process.  The FCB will contact you once we receive the required paperwork from the IC&RC.  Note:  The reciprocal credential for individuals transferring the ADC into Florida is the Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) credential. Applicant’s seeking “qualified professional” status in Florida must upgrade to the CAP or the MCAP credential.  The FCB will review each individual’s professional background against CAP or MCAP standards when determining upgrade requirements.