The CCAM designates competency in advocating on behalf of dependent children to ensure child safety and the best interests of the child are met. The CCAM is a member of the child’s Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Advocacy Team, which also includes a volunteer child advocate and a GAL Best Interest Attorney. The CCAM achieves desired child advocacy outcomes through the effective and efficient coaching, relationship building, and monitoring/management of an assigned volunteer child advocate workforce. In the absence of a volunteer child advocate, the CCAM must be able to perform the child advocacy management and court activities expected of a volunteer child advocate.

CCAM applicants must be employed in an eligible Guardian ad Litem program position at the time of application and award; employment is not required to maintain or renew a CCAM credential.

CCAM Credentialing Process and Policy

The CCAM credential application process has several phases, including preparation, application and testing. All requirements must be met, including passing the CCAM exam within 12-months of application.

Applicants are encouraged to submit the CCAM application AFTER completing training, work experience, and on-the-job supervision and competency demonstration feedback, to allow the maximum time for application processing, exam registration, and examination activities. If the credential is not earned within 12-months of application, a continuation fee may be assessed to grant an additional 12-month application and testing period. 

CCAM Reference Documents and Application Forms

Reference Documents:

CCAM applicants are subject to the policies and procedures as described in the FCB Certified Child Advocate Manager (CCAM) Standards and Requirements Tables.

The FCB CCAM Application, Examination, and Credential Award Flowchart.pdf provides a summary of the credentialing process. 

The CCAM Applicant and Point of Contact Checklists.pdf and the CCAM Application Checklists can help you organize and prepare to apply for certification.

Application Forms:

CCAM Application Forms capture information necessary to verify achievement of certification standards. They are editable PDFs. Forms submitted for certification purposes must be typed.

  • Applicants submit the online CCAM application, upload training documentation, and address fee payment (self-pay or employer pay).
  • Applicants download the work verification form and the on-the-job supervision and competency verification form, complete Part 1 of each form, and provide the partially completed forms to the qualified professional(s) who will verify eligible work experience and those who conduct the observations, supervision, and competency demonstration feedback.
  • The qualified professional completes the forms provided by the applicant and submits complete forms to their employer identified certification Point of Contact to submit to the FCB for processing.

Supporting Documentation Files for CCAM Application:

  • CCAM On-the-Job Supervision and Competency Verification Form
  • CCAM Work Experience Verification Form
  • CCAM Training Verification Form
  • CCAM Employer Attestations

How to Apply

  1. Create an online CCAM Application, completing all required fields of information and responding to all questions, statements of understanding, and agreements to comply with FCB policy.
  2. Download and provide the CCAM On-the-Job Supervision and Competency Verification Form to qualified professionals to document observations, supervision and performance feedback.
  3. Download and provide the CCAM Work Experience Verification Form to Human Resources to document eligible work experience.
  4. Monitor email for application approval and directions to pre-register for the CCAM exam.

Key Information

  • Application occurs after completing training, observations, supervision, competency demonstration feedback, and eligible related work experience.
  • The FCB approves the application and supporting documentation before approving applicants to pre-register for the CCAM exam.
  • The CCAM credential is awarded after earning a passing score on the CCAM exam.