The following policy documents provide guidance across a wide range certification application, examination, renewal, continuing education and related topics.  Documents on this page are intended to apply to all certification applicants and certified professionals, regardless of credential.

Credential specific policies and procedures are detailed on sub-pages under the Certification tab.  Each credential-specific subpage houses the credential’s Standards and Requirements Tables and mandatory forms.

In addition, it is critical that you are familiar with the FCB Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures.  All Ethics related information, including forms for reporting and responding to allegations of ethical misconduct, are maintained on the ETHICS subpage.

If you have questions that are not answered by published policy, please contact the FCB at 850-222-6314 or


All applicants and certified professionals are subject to the policies and procedures detailed in these Candidate Guides, unless otherwise specified in the credential-specific Standards and Requirements Tables.  Some Candidate Guides reference related policies, which are posted below.

Candidate Guide: Application Process

Candidate Guide: Examination Process

Candidate Guide: Maintenance & Renewal Processes


Fee Schedule-May 2018

The FCB offers an online certification system, allowing for online payment of certification related fees from the individual’s secure online account.  The FCB accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  There is a $5 manual processing fee for each credit card payment made over the phone.

FCB fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Related APPLICATION Policies

Criminal History Policy:  All applicants and certified professionals are subject to the FCB’s Criminal History Policy.  Please carefully review this document and contact the FCB if you have any questions.

Pre-Application Background Review Form:  This policy is for individuals who wish to verify their eligibility for certification as it relates to their criminal history PRIOR to applying for certification (Updated May 2018).

MCAP-CAP-CPP Related Degree Equivalency Review Policy:  MCAP, CAP and CPP applicants must hold a related degree (specified in the credential’s Standards and Requirements Tables).  If you do not hold one of the specified degrees, but believe your coursework makes your degree equivalent, please carefully review this policy.  This document includes the application for an equivalency review (Updated May 2018).

Authorization to Release Information:  This form must be completed by the applicant or certified professional in order for the FCB to discuss any aspect of the individuals certification records, unless as otherwise specified in credential-specific policy (Updated May 2018).

Appeal Policy:  When an applicant is denied certification, questions the results of the application review process, questions examination results, or is subject to an action by the FCB or its agents that he or she deems unjustified, the applicant has the right to an inquiry and/or an appeal.


Related EXAM Policies

FCB Accommodation Request Form:  The FCB provides ADA accommodations for eligible test candidates.  This form must be completed by the candidate’s medical professional and submitted to the FCB for consideration before scheduling a test date.



Approved CEU Provider Policy:  Certified professionals must complete a specific number of hours of continuing education (CEUs) annually.  The FCB accepts continuing education from a wide range of providers, as detailed in this policy.

FCB Certification Reinstatement Application:  Credentials that have been inactive for less than three-years may be eligible for reinstatement.  Review this policy to assess if you may eligible for reinstatement of an inactive FCB credential (Updated May 2018)

Retirement Status Policy:  Certified individuals transitioning into retirement may place their credential in retirement status.  Retirement status does not allow for active use of the credential, but does maintain recognition of competency.  This document includes the application for Retirement Status.