The CPS is an entry-level credential for people who work with individuals, families and communities to create environments and conditions that support wellness and the ability of individuals to withstand changes. Prevention specialists are qualified to work in the field of substance use only.

The CPS designates competency in the domains of Planning and Evaluation; Prevention Education and Service Delivery; Communication; Community Organization; Public Policy and Environmental Change; and Professional Responsibility. A CPS is not qualified for independent practice and must work under appropriate supervision.

The CPS is the equivalent level credential for individuals transferring into Florida with IC&RC Prevention Specialist (PS) credential. As such, all CPS applicants will also, automatically, earn the IC&RC Prevention Specialist (PS) credential at no extra cost.

CPS applicants must hold a high school diploma, general equivalency degree or higher.

CPS Application Documents

Applying for certification is a multi-step process that requires you to submit information and supporting documentation directly to the FCB and to request documentation from other individuals, which they will need to submit directly to the FCB on your behalf.

Please carefully review all of the credential documents before applying for certification.


Mandatory Forms

Test Preparation

How to Apply

  1. If you don’t already have one, create an online account. Watch the “How To” for assistance creating your account.
  2. Create an electronic application for certification (from your online account).
    • Complete all required fields of information.
    • Upload required documents.
    • Pay the certification fee.
  3. Provide mandatory forms to eligible people to complete and submit to FCB on your behalf.

Key Information

  1. When the application fee is paid, the FCB assigns the record to a dedicated Certification Specialist, who will serve as the single point of contact for applicants throughout the certification process.
  2. During the grandparenting period, the requirement for the certification exam is waived.
  3. The credential is awarded after all requirements have been submitted and approved.