The provisional application route is for applicants who have met all of the required formal education and training requirements, but do not have the on-the-job supervision or work experience necessary for a credential at the time of application.

To help individuals move towards certification, the FCB administers a two-phase certification program, which allows applicants to apply their knowledge and skills under intensive supervision while earning on-the-job experience.

The first phase is to earn provisional certification. This certification is temporary and is issued after applicants meet education, training and testing requirements. Provisional credentials are only valid for 12-months and cannot be renewed.  

Phase two occurs during the provisional period. Provisionally certified individuals must complete all on-the-job supervision and work experience requirements and submit an upgrade application to obtain the full credential before the provisional credential expires.

The provisional process is only available for the following FCB credentials:

Phase 1: Provisional Certification Application

  1. If you don’t already have one, create an online account.
  2. Create an electronic application for certification (from your online account).
    • Complete all required fields of information.
    • Upload required documents.
    • Pay the certification fee.
  3. Provide mandatory forms to eligible people to complete and submit to FCB on your behalf.

During the provisional period, certified professionals must seek out and respond to intensive supervision, complete additional on-the-job competency requirements, and apply for an Upgrade to Full Certification at least 30 days before the provisional credential expires.

Phase 2: Upgrade to Full Certification Application

At least 30 days before the provisional credential expires, an upgrade to full certification application must be made, following these steps:

  1. Create an upgrade application for certification (from the online account)
  2. Pay the certification fee (unless under scholarship or contractual payment)
  3. Provide mandatory forms to eligible people to complete and submit to FCB on your behalf.

When all requirements are met, the FCB will issue the full credential.  Once certified, the FCB Maintenance and Renewal policies take effect. 

Key Information

  1. A provisional credential cannot be renewed, except for cause. If a provisional credential expires, the individual must start the certification process as a new applicant, including all documents, fees and testing.
  2. The credential awarded through the upgrade process will be issued based on the month of award.  Once the upgraded credential has been renewed for the first time, the credential will then be on a cycle to renew every year or every two years (depending on the credential).

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