The FCB publishes most general and credential-specific policies and procedures in the application document. This is the guiding source for credential-specific policy.  The FCB does publish general provisions that apply to all certification applicants and/or certified professionals, which are published here.  Policies are listed in alphabetical order.

Approved CEU Provider Policy:  The FCB operates an FCB-Approved CEU Provider program.  Please view this policy for requirements and application materials.

MCAP-CAP-CPP Related Degree Equivalency Review Policy:  Effective July 1, 2017, all CAP and CPP applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field and all MCAP applicants must hold a master’s degree or higher in a related field.  If you believe your degree is related, but is not included on the FCB list of related degrees published for the MCAP, CAP or CPP, please review this policy (application included in the document) and submit an application for an equivalency review.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Policy:  All certified professionals must complete annual or biennial continuing education units to maintain certification.  This policy document identifies eligible CEU providers, documentation, and CEU audit requirements.

Criminal History Policy:  The FCB requires all certification applicants to pass a criminal background check as a condition of candidacy.  Annually, certified professionals are audited to ensure continued compliance with the FCB’s criminal background policy.  Policy requirements, including appeal procedures are described in this document.

FCB Test Accommodation Request Form:  The FCB provides ADA accommodations for eligible test candidates.  This form must be completed by the candidate’s medical professional and submitted to the FCB for consideration a minimum of 20 business days before the requested test date.

Fee Schedule July 2016: Please review this document for the most current fee schedule for certification related activities.  Please Note: A $5.00 convenience fee is charged for all credit card payments, per transaction, that have to be manually processed. 

Formal Education/Degree Eligibility Requirements:  All FCB credentials require some level of formal education: GED, High School Diploma, AA, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree.  The FCB does not accept all degrees issued by all institutions; review this policy carefully for formal degree eligibility standards.

Grandfathering/Reciprocity Policy:  The FCB opens many credentials under grandparenting and/or reciprocity agreements.  Credentials earned under a grandparenting or reciprocity policy have specific reinstatement requirements if the credential ever goes inactive, which are described in this policy.

FCB Reinstatement Application:  Credentials that have been inactive for less than three-years may be eligible for reinstatement.  Review this policy to determine if you are eligible for reinstatement of an inactive FCB credential.

Release of Information Form:  The FCB will not talk about the application, testing, or maintenance status of a credential to anyone other than the certification applicant or certified professional.  Please read the Release of Information policy and complete the Release Form to allow the FCB to discuss your credential with others.

Renewal Policy:  FCB credentials renew annually or biannually, depending on the credential.  It is critical that all certified professionals are familiar with the FCB’s renewal policy and actively participate in renewing their credential(s) in a timely manner.

Retirement Status Policy:  Certified individuals transitioning into retirement may place their credential in retirement status.  Retirement status does not allow for active use of the credential, but does maintain recognition of competency.  Please review this policy to apply for retirement status.