All provisionally certified child welfare professionals must complete the on-the-job requirements and apply for an upgrade to full certification before the provisional credential’s expiration date. The upgrade process is facilitated by the individual’s employer’s single point of contact.

To allow for processing, the FCB requires that the upgrade application, mandatory forms, supporting documentation, and the certification fee is paid at least 10 business days before the provisional credential’s expiration date. 

Upgrade Process

Applicants must complete the following:

  1. Create an online provisional upgrade application for certification with FCB.
  2. Pay the certification application fee (unless paid by the employer).

Single Points of Contact must ensure applicant tasks are complete and submit and complete the following for each individual on the registration form:

When all requirements are met, the FCB will issue the CWPI, CWCM, or CWLC credential. The first expiration date depends on the date of certification award. Credentials that are awarded in November – July will renew for the first time on the upcoming October 31st.

Credentials awarded in August, September or October will renew for the first time the following October 31st. When the credential is renewed for the first time, it will be issued for a two year period, always expiring on October 31st of alternate years.

Need Provisional Certification First?

Click the link below for Child Welfare provisional credential application information.