Certification is the term applied to the process whereby an individual voluntarily submits his/her credentials for review based upon clearly identified competencies, criteria, or standards. The primary purpose of certification is to ensure that personnel employed in a given field meet high standards of performance.  Whether you are an applicant seeking certification in your profession, an employer hoping to establish the competence of your employees through certification, a provider of professional and continuing education services, or a workforce representative seeking to establish certification for your profession, we hope you will find what you need on this new and expanded web site.

The Florida Certification Board (FCB) is the state’s premier non-profit agency for protecting the citizens of Florida by ensuring that Certified Professionals working in a wide range of professions are providing safe and competent services to the public.

  • The FCB administers certification programs in addictions, mental health, behavioral health, child welfare, and prevention; and it continues to add new professions.
  • The FCB actively participates in legislative advocacy, ensuring that our partners have a voice in the political process.
  • The FCB has established one of the country’s most successful Political Action Committee funds.
  • The FCB administers programs directly related to workforce development.