This program allows individuals who hold child welfare certification in one discipline to earn certification in a related discipline without completing the full certification process for new applicants. 

Eligible applicants hold any of the following credentials in good standing:

Additional Discipline Application Process

The upgrade process is facilitated by the applicant’s employer’s single point of contact.

Applicants must complete the following:

  1. Access, activate, or create an online account in the FCB certification system.
  2. Open the CWPI, CWCM, or CWLC credential application (online). The first screen allows you to choose between the “provisional” or “additional discipline” application pathways; select “additional discipline” pathway. Complete and submit the application.
  3. Download mandatory forms from the FCB website, complete Part 1, and provide the forms to the appropriate people to complete in support of your application for certification. Completed forms are provided to their employer-identified Point of Contact. Points of Contact provide complete forms to the FCB on the applicant’s behalf. 
  4. Monitor your email for notice of certification.  The credential is issued when the application, including all supporting documentation, is approved by the FCB. 

Points of Contact must ensure requirements are complete, documented on FCB certification application forms, and submitted to the FCB for processing.

When all requirements are met, the FCB will issue the CWPI, CWCM, or CWLC credential. The first expiration date will be the same as the expiration date of the existing credential (the credential that allowed for the individual to complete the dual certification process). When the credential is renewed for the first time, it will be issued for a two year period, always expiring on October 31st of alternate years.